Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladybugs, Peace Signs, Ducks... OH MY!

I've been slacking again, I know. I just moved in to a new apartment, got a dog, and I'm finishing up another semester at school. It's been crazy. But I've still managed to fit some baking projects in :)

Let's start with some mini swirl cheesecakes. The recipe I used was fairly easy, but it lied to me about how to make the swirls. They were impossible the way the recipe showed me. So I started all over again on batch #2, and I was happy, but it was not perfect. So it looks like there's another art I will be perfecting, when I have a second of free time that is.

Super close up.

The next ones are some of my favorite cupcakes I've made. I think if I were 16 again, I would have these at my birthday party. Maybe even 17. Oh who am I kidding... I'd have these for my birthday this year :)

I love this picture. How fluffy the butter cream looks, how cute the cupcake looks on the pedestal, and even how imperfectly the fondant sits on top of it.

This duck cake is absolutely adorable. She didn't want too much blue, or for it to be too boyish. So this was what I came up with.

I just had to add the "it's a boy" up top. I wanted to use the Cricut for something!

But the bubble clusters were definitely my favorite part. So cute!

Anyway, that's what I was up to in the month of March. Just wait until you see what I've been up to this month :)

Oh yeah, I bet you all want to see what the little puppy looks like. He's gotten so big already!

This was him the day we got him. SO TINY!

And this is him now.....

This is him now. Yeah. HUGE!

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