Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bella's 2nd Birthday

James' niece is one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. She tries to imitate the faces I make at her, she knows where here fingers and eyes and ears are, and she loves to run to you and throw herself into your arms! I love to spoil her like she's my own!

For her first birthday, I made her this adorable pink and brown cake for her Chuckie Cheese birthday party.

Please excuse all the things in the background... a year ago I did not understand the importance of making sure I took some photos before the actual event!

This year... I made her something a little more elegant.

I loved how the colors worked together, the lighter lavender colored buttercream with the darker purple butterflies.

And I couldn't resist using my adorable little cake stands and take one out for a photo shoot by the pool. Doesn't it look like the butterfly should just take off and fly around in the lanai?

UPDATE: By the way, I had to add this adorable picture of Isabella enjoying the cupcakes :)

Face first, all in. Adorable.